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  • All Natural Butter Leave-In Conditioning Creme

    A good Leave in conditioner should contain organic ingredients needed to moisturize,condition,restore and repair the hair and scalp. Our All Natural Butter Leave-In Conditioning Creme is made with pure Shea butter,Cocoa butter,Coconut oil,Baobab oil,Lemon grass oil,Neem oil,and other essential oils which are all 100% natural ingredients needed to prevent hair loss and breakages,soothes the scalp,moisturize,removes dandruff whiles promoting new cells and for healthy hair growth.

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  • All Natural Multi-Blend Moisturizing Scented Hair Oil

    Nourish your hair with the natural ingredients that Natural Care provides.  Enriched with Shea oil,Coconut oil, Baobab oil, Neem Oil and Lemongrass Oil.Our All natural Multi-blend of pure organic oils have been formulated to support your natural hair styles to produce a healthy gorgeous finish.This unique product  has the optimal blend of nutrients to prevent hair loss, dandruff, and Itchy Scalp. It provides a smooth, silky, shiny texture to your hair.

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  • Natural Growth And Anti Itch Hair And Scalp Pomade

    This special natural  formulation is a multi- blend of organic Shea butter,Cocoa butter,Papaya leaves ,Menthol, Lemongrass oil,Baobab oil, Tea Tree oil, Coconut oil and essential oils that help stimulate the hair and scalp for healthy new growth .Help fights and control dry scalp and dandruff ,lubricate the hair shaft and improve hair texture to a lively conditioned state.Excellent for Natural,textured and all hair types.

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  • Organic Unrefined Shea Butter (Scented or Unscented)

    We took premium shea butter from the nut of the Shea tree and created this awesome body balm that melts in your hand and slides on your body for maximum moisturizing,conditioning and protection .This 100% purified Natural Shea Butter is nature’s answer to hair and Skin treatment.Rich in plant oxidants,it protects the skin and scalp from damage.

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