Founded in 1998 by Sandy Osei-Agyeman, SLID Industries Limited is a hair and skin care manufacturing and distribution concern incorporated in Ghana, West Africa. The company’s core business is the production and marketing of hair and skin products under the MVP, Family Choice, Skin Fine and LaNé brand names. The products are sold in Ghana and other African countries including Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Togo and South Africa, among many others.

Sandy Osei-Agyeman, a cofounder of AFAM Concept (Chicago, US), the makers of the world famous and successful ELENTEE, VITALE and MO’ BODY brand of hair products has an excellent track record and several years of experience in the industry. Together with his partners at AFAM, they pioneered new concepts in hair care for people of color. Such new concepts included the now famous “Never Greasy” and “Moisture Retention” approach to hair care.

As market leaders in the pioneer of hair relaxer technology, AFAM is probably the only company that offers sodium, lithium and calcium relaxers for each hair texture and scalp type. SLID’s new creation, MVP (Most Valuable Product) combines these concepts to create a product that utilizes the “best of both worlds” in hair care.

By combining the superior research and advanced science of the USA with the natural, botanical and herbal resources of Africa, MVP offers innovative, functional and balanced products to care for the hair as never before. An advocate of a systems approach to hair care, MVP products moisturize, condition, revitalize, and repair during all phases of hair care. This ensures a healthy hair full of softness, silkiness, body, and lively shine all the time.


To promote and enhance the total natural beauty, personal hygiene and grooming needs of our customers, with innovative products unique to our environment and surpassing global standards. This will be achieved by providing the best quality service, education and community involvement with our customers through our well trained, trustworthy, dedicated, reliable and experienced staff, who understand the value of satisfied customers and customer service.

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