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  • Lithium Straight Tender Scalp Relaxer

    Lithium Straight Relaxer is also a 3-step Relaxer system, which has aloe Vera and Shea Butter. It is excellent for tender and sensitive scalp and when properly applied leaves hair silky straight. It has minimum irritation to the scalp due to the small molecule native of Lithium.

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  • Burn Phree Fortifying NO-LYE RELAXER – 2PK

    A fortifying No-Lye Relaxer for Normal, Sensitive and color treated hair and tender scalp. Leaves hair healthy, shiny with silkiness and body.

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  • Senstive Scalp NO-LYE Relaxer

    For normal hair and Sensitive Scalp. Leaves hair straight with body and shine. Does not irritate scalp.

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  • Comfort Zone Relaxer Combo

    Comfort Zone Relaxer is a 3- step conditioning Relaxer system which is buffered with Oat Protein and Shea Butter to protect the scalp and to condition and repair the hair internally right after relaxing. Comfort Zone relaxes Coarse or hard to relax hair without any reversion.


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